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Suppose, you are Roni/Runa. You have a friend in Nepal named Mahesh/Renuka. You have just visited Nepal and had a great time with Mahesh/Ranuka at his/her place in Kathmandu. Write an email to Mahesh/Renuka thanking him/her for the hospitality he/she offered you in Kathmandu.

To : < mahesh/renuka @ >
Cc : ............................................
Bcc : < rani/runa @ >
Subject : Thanking for hospitality.

Dear Mohesh/Renuka,
Thanks so much for your kind email and the lovely photos of my holiday in Kathmandu. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your mail. In fact, I was away from my hometown to see some relatives in my village. I’ve just returned to Dhaka today. 

Looking at the photo brings back so much happy memories of the times we spent together and the wonderful hospitality you extended to me. During my short stay in Kathmandu, you surrounded me with warm friends, good food, amazing sights and great shopping. I can’t thank you enough. 

Why don’t you plan a holiday and come to Dhaka to stay with me this winter? The weather in Dhaka is great at that time and we will have two weeks of winter vacation. I would be thrilled if you could make it. 

Thank you again for the beautiful holiday and the photos which are already posted on my Facebook page. Waiting to hear from you. 

Warm wishes,

Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < roni/runa @ >
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