Job application for part-time shop assistant

Read the following advertisement published in the Evening Star : 
ABC Departmental Store 

Wanted a part-time assistant for our departmental store. The candidate must be young and smart. Good salary. Apply to the 30 June 2015 with CV and a covering letter.
Managing Director

Write to : ABC Departmental Store 
Gulshan, Dhaka 
Imagine, you are Asif. Now, write a job application in response to the above advertisement. 

23 June 2020
The Manager
ABC Department Store
Gulshan, Dhaka.

Subject : Application for part-time shop assistant.

Dear Sir,
I am writing to you for the post of ‘Part-time shop Assistant’ as advertised in ‘The Evening Star’ on 20 June 2015. I have done my B. Com. (Hons.) from Rajshahi University with second class. I am keenly interested for the post of part-time shop assistant in your departmental store. I have also should communication skills both in oral and written English. As your job offers a professional responsibilities, I hope my potentialities would suit best to this offer. 

Enclosed with the application is my CV; I hope it helps you to decide about my candidature for the post I am applying for. 

I am looking forward to an early reply. 
Sincerely yours
Asif Hossain

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