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Imagine, that you are Niaj. You have a German pen-friend. He wishes to know about your country. Now, send an email to him giving an introduction to your country.

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Subject : Introduction of Bangladesh.

Dear Harry,
I am glad to receive your mail. I feel very much happy to see your interest in our country and her people. Let me introduce my country to you today. 

Bangladesh is constitutionally known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It’s a democratic country of 1,47,570 square kilometres. It is bordered by India on the west, east and north, Myanmar on the east and the Bay of Bengal on the south. It won independence in 1971 from Pakistan through a bloody war. 

Its geographical formation is worth-noting. It is a great delta like a green carpet. It has the longest seabeach in the world. Such plain and green earth is hardly seen in the world. The country has a tropical monsoon climate. Its economy mainly based on agriculture. Jute, rice, tea, tobacco and cotton are the main crops of the country. It has some world heritage sites i.e. the Sundarbans, the Shat Gambuj Mosque of Bagerhat, the Cox’s Bazar Seabeach, etc. 

Bangladesh is a riverine country. The Padma, the Meghna and the Jamuna are the main big rivers here. It has a population of nearly 160 million. The majority of them are Muslims and the rest are Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. They live in peace and harmony with each other. Almost all people speak Bangla. English is also widely used. The national dress for men is Pyjama and Panjabi and saree for women. We have a cultural heritage of thousand years. 

That’s all for today. Please write me back. 

With best wishes,

Your friend

Niaj Morshad
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