Email describing my hostel life

Suppose, you live in a hostel. Your mother wants to know how you pass your time in the college hostel. Now, send an email to your mother telling her about your hostel life.

To : < mrsnazma @ >
Cc : .........................................................
Bcc : < moni @ >
Subject : Describing my hostel life.

Dear Mother,
I have just received your email. I have come to learn that you are interested to know about my life in the college hostel. 

Well, let me tell you about my life here. I was afraid of the hostel life before I came here. But you will be glad to know that this is a very attractive place. All the students are very much co-operative here. All the students are of the same age more or less. Hostel-super is a nice man. He is very friendly to us. He takes particular care of the students. The standard of the food is not bad here. 

This is a four-storeyed building. I live in a room with three other boys on the second floor. They are very friendly and co-operative. I am yet to know other students in the hostel. I shall tell you everything later on. But mother, I miss you very much. Please write to me soon. 

With love and regards.

Yours affectionately

Tell : 088-01000-00000
Email : < moni @ >
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