Email about inviting to join birthday party

Imagine, your friend is Niloy and you are Raju by name. Next Friday, you will be seventeen. So your parents will arrange a birthday party at your house. Now, send an email to your intimate friend inviting him to join the party.

To : < niloy @ >
Cc : ................................................
Bcc : < raju @ >
Subject : Invitation to join my birthday party.

Dear Niloy,
Hope you are hale and hearty. You will be glad to know that I shall be seventeen next Friday. My parents will arrange a birthday party at our house to celebrate the day. So, I invite you to come to our house at 7:30 pm on Friday next. Please do not forget the day. 

No more today. Please convey my best regards to your parents and love to the youngers. With love and compliments to you. 

Your intimate friend,

Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < raju @ >
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