Dialogue about the bad effects of air pollution

Ahona : Hi, Limon. How are you?

Limon : Hello, Ahona. Good morning. And you?

Ahona : I'm not fine. The pollution of air is the main cause of my illness.

Limon : Oh! That is very bad. So, how do you feel now?

Ahona : I had a hard time, yesterday. But, I feel a little better today.

Limon : Thank, God.

Ahona : I felt very bad yesterday. It is unknown to us how many people in the country are dying of shortness of breath. So, I am going to the mayor for requesting him to take necessary steps against air pollution.

Limon : Yeah, the situation is worsening day by day.

Ahona : Air pollution is a major threat to our environment. Smoke is the major pollutant of air. Smoke mixes with air and pollutes it.

Limon : The smoke is created in a number of ways. Men make a fire to cook food which produces smoke.
We also use fire to make bricks and to burn refuse. In order to melt pitch for road construction, we also make fire.

Ahona : Vehicular pollution, crop burning, rampant construction activities and incessant bursting of firecrackers has led to this. I can only shudder to think of what would happen post-Diwali.

Limon : Our physical and psychological well-being is affected differently by the kind of air pollution we are exposed to. There are many organs and bodily functions that can be harmed.

Ahona : Please say me, which parts of our body are damaged as a result of air pollution?

Limon : The damage done to our body by air pollution is respiratory diseases, cardiovascular damage, Fatigue, headache and anxiety, irritation of the eye, nose and throat, damage to reproduction organs etc.

Ahona : O God, most of the diseases that occur in our body due to air pollution are incredible.

Limon : A major study on urban pollution carried out in 650 as it is worldwide has confirmed the fear that air pollution impact on human health in the short term.

Ahona : And, it is directly linked to the deaths of elderly people and those already suffering from illness on a daily basis.

Limon : At this situation, we must take steps to reduce air pollution. To ensure a healthier and happier life there is no alternative to keep air free from pollution.

Ahona : Of course, you should be aware and protect our air from further pollution.

Limon : Please, take care of your health. Goodbye.

Ahona : See you in the next day. Bye.
Ahona Sarkar (Athoi)
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