Composition : Price-Hick in Bangladesh

Price-Hick in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country with a lot of population. The country is beset with many problems. Price-hike is a major concern for our country. It is the most talked topic of the present time in Bangladesh. Price-hike means very high prices of essential commodities. Prices of many goods are beyond the buying capacity of the common people.

Every now and then price of essential things is increasing rapidly. This is very alarming and creating panic among the middle-class people. They are very concern about their life and living. Most of the people here live below the poverty line. Many of them are farmers. Price-hike makes them poorer. They are in a very deplorable condition.

Corruption, black-marketing, smuggling, unscrupulous (নীতিজ্ঞানশূন্য) activities of the businessmen and traders are the main causes of price-hike. Besides, low production of agricultural and other goods, inefficiency of the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), etc. are the common causes for rising the price.

Sometimes international economy exercises influence over our local economy. This may cause price-hick. Sometimes greedy trades and businessmen hoard goods and create crisis in the market to raise price of the commodities.

We have to get rid of this social vice. Corruption, smuggling and black-marketing must be root out. The businessmen, traders and all concerned should be moral in dealing with every affair. Our government should enforce strict law to control this situation. Dishonest businessmen should be punished severely. Public awareness must be created in this regard. Moreover, we should try to develop our method of cultivation to increase our agricultural production, pisciculture, poultry-firming and other production as well to control price-hike.
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