Composition : Cyclones in Bangladesh

Cyclones in Bangladesh

A cyclone (সাইক্লোন - ঘূর্নিঝড়) is one of the most dangerous (ডেনজারাস - মারাত্মক) natural calamities (ক্যালামিটিজ - দুর্যোগ) of Bangladesh. It visits Bangladesh almost every year. It blows in a circle very speedily (স্পিডিলি – দ্রততার সাথে). It generally originates (অরিজিনেটস্ – উৎপত্তি হয়) in the sea-level. 

A cyclone is caused by low depression (লো ডিপ্রেশান - নিম্নচাপ) in the Bay of Bengal (বঙ্গোপসাগর). The depression takes place at a great distance from the main land (মূল ভূখণ্ড). But, it proceeds (প্রসিডস্ – অগ্রসর হয়) towards the main land at a great speed. It is accompanied (একমপ্যানিড্ – সঙ্গে থাকে) by strong winds and heavy rainfall. 

It makes a great havoc. Even it damages railway lines and electric poles. Huts (কুড়ে ঘর) and houses are levelled (ভূতলশায়ী) to the ground. It uproots (উপড়ানো) big and small trees. Thousands of cattle (গবাদি পশু) perish (ধ্বংস হয়ে যায়), and many human lives are lost. The places close to the Bay of Bengal are affected (ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত হয়) more seriously than any others. 

Some serious cyclones hit (আঘাত করেছিল) the coastal (কোস্টাল – সমুদ্র তীরবর্তী) areas of Bangladesh in 1985 and 1991. They were very terrible. Those cyclones were accompanied by tidal bore (টাইডাল বোর – সামুদ্রিক জলোচ্ছ্বাস). The cyclone of 1991 was the most destructive (ডেসট্রাকটিভ - ধ্বংসাত্মক). The tidal bore away lacs of lives. Saline water of the sea damaged the crops. The whole Chittagong port collapsed after the cyclone. 

But people cannot be left unprotected against this fury of nature. Building of high dams along the coast may protect the coastal area from the tidal bores. High pucca living houses in the coastal areas may give safety to people. Weather forecaste in time is also a great need. 

It is very hard for man to control natural calamity. People should how be bold enough to face cyclones. They should be advised to take cyclone shelters through radio bulletin.

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