Composition : Capital Punishment Should be Abolished

Capital Punishment Should be Abolished

Capital punishment is a punishment with death. It is practiced in many countries today, even through a few countries have abolished (অ্যাবলিশ্‌ড্-রহিত করা হয়) it. Capital punishment is given usually to murderers who have intentionally killed other people. History records that this was a common punishment in many societies and was sanctioned by most religions. As the man or woman caused the death of another, it was reasonable to avenge (অ্যাভেন্‌জ্-প্রতিশোধ) the dead person’s death by killing the person who caused the death. 

The only fault with such reasoning is that the law believed that the criminal was entirely (ইন্টাইআর্‌লি-পুরোপুরি) responsible for his actions. He killed because he wanted to and so he must be punished. But psychologists (সাইকলাজিস্টস্-মনোবিজ্ঞানীগণ) have discovered that a person’s becoming good or bad depends on his upbringing (আপইব্রিঙইঙ-লালন-পালন) and education. If this is true, a murderer cannot be entirely blamed for killing. Perhaps it is the society which is partly to be blamed. And if the society is partly to be blamed, it is not fair to give capital punishment (মৃত্যুদণ্ড) to a murderer. For his share of the blame, it should be enough to give him life imprisonment (ইমপ্রিজ্‌ন্‌মেন্ট-কারাদণ্ড). 

With the death of a person, everything of life ends. So, when a person is given death penalty he suffers for only the days till the execution of capital punishment. But if the person is given life imprisonment (যাবজ্জীবন কারাদণ্ড), he passes his days with the feelings or agony (আগনি-মর্মবেদনা) and humiliation (হিউমিলিএইশন-অবমাননা) till his death. To him, every human eye seems to a judge, every dead person seems to haunt him and every moment seems to him to be death in life. He always suffers the humiliation and hatred (হেইট্রিড্-ঘৃণা) of people. He is discarded (ডিস্কারডেড্-অবাঞ্ছিত) by the family member, friends, relatives, neighbours, etc. What a pitiful life it is! 

Therefore, I think capital punishment should be abolished and life imprisonment is given for the offence of killing. It would make the offender (অফেন্ডার-আইন ভঙ্গকারী) repent his misdeeds throughout his life till death. It will be a state of living death in his life.
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