Composition : A Good Deed is Always Rewarded

A Good Deed is Always Rewarded

Through the forest ran a clear bubbling stream. And under a blade of grass on the bank sat an ant. She felt very thirsty and bent over to take a drink, but as she did so she slipped and fell into the water.

The strong current snatched her away, carrying her far off down the stream. As hard as she tried, she could not manage to swim to the bank.

At that moment, a dove flew by and seeing the struggling ant, took pity on her distress. She broke a branch from a nearby tree. And dropped it into the water. The ant did not delay but clambered nimbly on to the branch and at last, reached the safety of the bank.

Not long after this, the ant was out for a stroll when she came upon the dove again. A hunter was just about to trap the bird. The ant saw it and realised the hunter’s ill motive. At that time, the ant remembered the great help of the dove. “I have to do something for the dove. I could not let one die before my eyes who once saved my life,” she said herself. So, she ran towards the hunter at once and started bitting on his leg severely. For the pain of severe bitting, the hunter loses his concentration and he missed the target. Understanding everything, the dove flew away after some time, the dove met the ant and expressed her gratitude to the ant. Since then, the dove and the ant become good friends.

They realised that friends of adversity are real friends. Helping other selflessly never goes unrewarded. One who helps other selflessly in danger, Allah helps him in his danger anyhow, anywhere, any time.
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