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Job application for accounts of bank

Find out some job-advertisements from the English newspapers and write an application imagining yourself as a fit candidate for the posts.

August 30, 2020
Latifa Helen
Human Resources Director
City Bank Ltd.
Motijheel C/A,

Dear Mrs Helen,
With reference to your advertisement published in the Daily Star on August 28, 2020, I would like to inform you that having majored in accounting at the Dhaka University. I am confident that would make a successful addition of your bank. 

I addition to my strong background in accounting. I offer considerable business experience, having worked in a private bank and an insurance company. I am sure my experience in the above mentioned companies would prove particularly useful in a private bank. 

I am attracted to City Bank Ltd. by the recent past growth and the superior reputation of your bank. After studying different commercial banks, I can say with confidence that City Bank Ltd. will be in a strong competitive position to benefit from imminent changes in the industry. 

I would like to interview with you at your earliest convenience
Sincerely yours
Mohammad Anwar


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