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HSC Preparation 2022

Composition : What Would You Do If You Won A Lottery of Taka Thirty Lakhs

What Would You Do If You Won A Lottery of Taka Thirty Lakhs

Since my childhood, I have been nurturing a dream in my breast. This is to win thirty lakhs taka in a lottery. Many Plans crowd my brain when I think over this. 

I think I would first celebrate my victory. Whether I would like or not, I would be compelled to do this under pressure from my friends. Hopefully, I would invite all my friends and entertain them in a Chinese restaurant. I know it would cost me a good amount of money. Still, I wouldn’t get free without this. 

As a conscious student, I feel I belong to a family and a society. For obvious reasons, I would contribute a good amount to my family as it wished to. Besides, I would by at least a gift for every member of my family. Because I live in a society, I feel obliged to it. I know there are some organisations working for the poor, the helpless, the destitute, the crippled and the disabled in our area. I wish I would contribute a good portion of my money to these organisations. 

For practical reasons, I would also save some of my money. I would open a saving account in a bank to save half of the money for my higher education. I feel higher education today has become costly. Besides, I don’t like to be a burden to my poor parents. If I could save that amount, it would be a good help for my higher education. 

Thirty lakhs taka sounds much. However, to a student like me it’s too much than I should possess. My hopes are many and not directed to unworthy goals. I know my capacity wouldn’t allow me to translate all my dreams into action. However, my attempts shouldn’t fail to materialize them.

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