Composition : What Would You Do If You Were The Prime Minister of Bangladesh

What Would You Do If You Were The Prime Minister of Bangladesh

↬ If You Were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

↬ What you want to be if you were the PM

Many wishes crowd in my brain. One of them is if I were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Now the question is what would I do if I were really made the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister is the administrative chief of Bangladesh. Many responsibilities go with the position. I would hopefully be prepared to perform all the duties that my office would enjoin me. However, I would take some realistic yet ambitious plans to bring in peace and prosperity in the country. 

A stable political condition is necessary for development of the country. I would take initiatives to develop a political ethic or culture in Bangladesh. First, I would call for meeting of all the political parties on a platform to decide and work together for the welfare of the country, shunning their negative politics of hartal and destruction. 

Violence in the education institution is the direct result of student politics. I would put a ban on students’ participation in national politics. However, they would be allowed to exercise the political culture within the student union. And they had to be independent of any political organisation. 

I would try my best to create transparency and responsibility in every unit of the administration. I would also take steps to free Bangladesh from corruption. I would also take initiatives to ensure medical treatment and to solve unemployment problem etc. However, I would not forget to increase the salary structure of our teachers. 

My hope and plans are many. I would try to materialize them if I were made Prime Minister even for a day.

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Bangladesh become independent in 1971 after a gulf of blood-shed and since then she is not progressed much as it should have been. If I were the prime minister, I would work selflessly and relentlessly for the progress and prosperity of country. Al present corruption and terrorism have gripped the country so greatly that they have become a great de progress barrier to our development activities. If I were the prime minister, I would wage all-out war against the terrorists and go in for a 'clean-up' operation against the corrupt people, who are filling their pockets with money irrespective of their identity or party affiliation.

No country can make progress without education. As a prime minister of the country, I would ensure at everyone gets the chance of having at least secondary education. I would for both boys and girls up to the higher secondary level.

Unemployment is a great problem in our country. There are more people seeking employment than there e opportunities for employment. I would create job opportunities for everybody by setting up more export-orientated industries.

Bangladesh is a small country with a big population. The growth rate of population here is very high. I would take all possible steps to keep the present population boom under control and remove our disreputation which goes like 'poor inhabitants of rich country. Most of our people are also deprived of proper medical care and many people die of various diseases every year without proper treatment. If I were the head of the government, I would not let anybody die without treatment.

Poverty is another problem in our country. Most of our people live below poverty life. As a prime minister of the country I would take pragmatic steps to intensify the on-going poverty alleviation programmes and ensure that every citizen has enough food to eat, a house to live in and clothes to wear. would have instructed the police department to work independently without dear or favour to bring the criminals to justice. I would have strictly followed the principle of "reward for the good and punishment for the bad". Restoration of law and order would have been my topmost priority.

I would have kept the prices of essential commodities under control and within the reach of the common people. I would have made the Anti-corruption Commission independent so that it could contribute to stop corruption and punish the corrupt persons.

After doing all these inside the country. I would have concentrated on our relationship with the neighboring countries, especially India. I would vigorously pursue the economic diplomacy to promote our export to different countries of the world. I would have pursued the giant foreign investors to invest Bangladesh. I would have offered them lucrative incentives for investment. After assuming the office of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I would have risen above party affiliation and become the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in true sense of the term. In fine, I would like to say that if I were the prime minister, I would try my level best to make Bangladesh a better country of which we would all feel proud.
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