Email on describing my college

You are a student at a college. Read the following email sent by one of your friends and write a reply to him about your college.

To : < alam @ >
Cc : ..................................
Bcc : < islam430 @ >
Subject : Description of my college.

Dear Alam,
How are you?
I have just received your last email. You wanted to know about the college I study in. You know that I am lucky to study in a Govt. College here. This is the biggest and most famous college in our town.

Our college is situated right near to the Dhaka highway, not very far from the centre of the town. It has an area of 4 acres and has five buildings and a large field. The buildings house the classroom, the laboratories, the teachers’ lounge and the office. We also have one canteen and a big library in one building. The teachers of our college are very friendly to us. We can depend on our teachers not only to study matters but also for matters related to our other interests. Some of them run activity clubs in the college. I am a member of the debating club. We practise debating within the club and arrange to debate competitions among classes and other colleges as well. Our English teacher runs this club.

In short, I can tell you studying in this college is a great experience. Along with the regular study, we can develop our other abilities as well.

I guess you are planning to shift to a new college. If you ask for suggestions from me, I would recommend my college without any hesitation.

With best wishes

Gazipur Chowrasta, Gazipur
Tell : 088-02-0000000
Email : < islam430 @ >

Reply Mail

To : < islam430 @ >
Cc : .....................................
Bcc : < alam @ >
Subject : Reply about my college.

My dear Rafiq,
Received my best wishes and heartiest love. Your last email pleased me much. You wrote to me about your college in the email. Now, I am going to describe our college. Our college does not have clubs for recreation but yours have. Our college starts at 10 am in the morning but your college starts at 8:30 am. Your college has spacious rooms and field and there are many students with good number of sections but we do not have all these. Your teachers are very helpful and friendly but ours are not so. These are the differences between your college and mine.

So, if I change my college, of course, I will choose your college.

Yours ever

B. B Road, Narayangonj
Tell : 088-02-000000
Email : < alam @ >
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