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You are Satish Triphul and one of your friends sent you an email about celebrating Independence Day. Read the email sent by your friend and send him a reply email. 

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Subject : About celebrating the independence day.

Dearest Satish,
I hope this email finds you in the best of spirits. Its time, we exchanged greetings for our nations will soon be celebrating the thirty-fourth Independence Day. My friends and I would like to express our spirit of brotherhood and oneness on the occasion of Independence Day.

May the internal and communal disturbances give way to religious tolerance, harmony and space. Since you are in a residential college. I suppose we will be celebrating it with a sense of patriotic discipline.

Let’s nourish the spirit of solidarity for now and all times to come.

Your loving friend,

Ahsan Habib
Kalitola, Bogra
Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < ahsanhabib @ >

Reply Mail

To : < ahsanhabib @ >
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Bcc : < satishtriphul @ >
Subject : Preparation about independence day.

Dear Habib,
It was wonderful to see your email in my mailbox. As you rightly said, the future month March will soon see us marching for the Independence Day parade in our college as well as on the streets leading to the National Parade Ground.

The rehearsal session has started and we have little to spare for other activities. Truly, we have to motivate our little ones with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm. Our country has withstood external aggressions and internal conflicts. We need to stand united in all such circumstances. I’m grateful to you for kindling the spirit of an ideal child as we would all be tomorrow’s citizens.

Hope Sumi is fine. I conclude this email as a typical citizen of an honourable country.

Yours ever

Satish Triphul
Mirpur-1, Dhaka
Tell : 088-01000-000000
Email : < satishtriphul @ >
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