Application for relief operation

Imagine that you are Mizan, a student of class XI in Noakhali Govt. College, Noakhali. The people of your locality have been greatly affected by the recent flood. Hundreds of people are living under the open sky without proper shelter, food, clothes, medicine, sanitation, etc. Now, write an application to your Principal to open a relief camp at your college premises to help the flood-affected people.

5 October 2020

The Principal
Noakhali Govt. College,

Subject : Prayer for opening a relief camp for the flood-affected people.

Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of all the students of your college, would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that many of our local people affected by the recent flood are now passing a very miserable and hard time. Being homeless, they are living under the open sky. without food, clothes and other basic needs. So, their deplorable condition deserves our pity and sympathy as well. But what needs most is a little shelter where they can be accommodated. And I think that we can help them to a large extent by opening a relief camp in our college premises.

So, we earnestly hope that you would kindly consider the situation and take immediate action with a view to alleviating their miseries though a little by opening a relief camp in the college premises.

Sincerely yours

On behalf of all the students of
Noakhali Govt. College, Noakhali.

-------Same application collected from another book-------

You want to help the victims of a cyclone that recently blew over Chattogram. Write a letter to your Headmaster praying to permit you to go on a relief operation in the cyclone-affected area of Banshkhali.

The Headmaster,
Bagmoniram Abdur Rashid City Corporation Boys’ High School,

Subject : Prayer for permission to conduct a relief operation in the cyclone-affected area.

We, five students of Class X, seek your kind permission to go on a relief tour to the cyclone-affected areas in Banshkhali.

Though we are young, we have learned through the teachings of the learned teachers here that no virtue is greater than serving the suffering humans. Guided by the principle, we want to undertake this relief operation to help the distressed. We have already raised enough funds and relief goods.

We have contacted the social welfare directorate which assured to provide us with necessary aids. And frem frem the health directorate we have managed a doctor to go with us.

But we cannot go without permission. So we hope that you would respond positively as to allow us leave of absence from school for a week.

We remain Sir,

Your most obedient students, Chattogram.
Karim, Taher, Tarun, Sumon & Javed
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