Application for opening a branch of a bank

You have no bank in your union. As a result, you are suffering much. It hampers your economic prosperity. Now write an application to Managing Director of a bank for opening a branch of the bank. 

15 February 2020

The Managing Director
Janata Bank
Head Office
Motijheel, Dhaka.

Subject : Prayer for opening a branch of a bank.

With due respect and humble submission, we, beg to state that we are the inhabitants of Kusumpur Union. P.S. Devidwar under the district of Comilla. About 12 thousand people live in our union. There are three primary schools, one high school, one college, one union health complex, a BRAC office etc. in our village. A famous hat sits twice a week in our area. Buyers and sellers from a long-distance come here to buy and sell their agricultural crops. Monetary transaction of lakhs of taka is held there. So we feel the need for a bank. Our villagers have to go to Thana Head Quarters, 4 miles away, to deposit their money. It is not always secured to the above educational institutions have to go the Thana Head Quarters to take their govt. salary. We have to go there to pay our electric bill.

Under the above circumstances, we fervently pray and hope that you would be kind enough to open a branch of Janata Bank in our locality and oblige thereby.

Yours faithfully

X, Y, Z,
On behalf of the
inhabitants of Kusumpur Union


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