Letter about describing the recent fair of your village

Imagine, your friend, Rajib seems to be curious to know about the village fair that is hold in your village every year.

Write a letter to your friend describing the recent fair of your village.

Homna, Comilla

Dear Rajib,

I’ve just received your letter. I come to learn that you are curious to know about the village fair that is held in our village every year. Let me quench your curiosity through this letter.

The fair held in our village every year in very famous. People from all walks of life come to this fair. The recent fair was held on the occasion of Pohela Baishakh. The shopkeepers, artists and artisans set up their stalls with goods such as toys, sweetmeats, seasonal fruits, cosmetics, clothes, tapestries, jute and cotton handicrafts, bamboo-made goods and many attractive items. Some goods are only for display and some are for sale. Merry-go-round, magic show, doll-dance, circus and jatra are the special attractions in the village fair. Circus parties and magic shows are the main attractions of our village fair. Circus parties often bring small tigers, elephants, horses, monkeys and bears. And these trained animals display funny feats. Another attraction of the recent fair was the presence of the poet Mohammad Moniruzzaman. The poet attended to our fair as a special guest. We have all greeted him whole heartedly.

No more today. With best regards to your parents.

Yours ever


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