Dialogue between job seeker and employer

Imagine, you have gone to meet a prospective employer for a job. He examines all your certificates and documents. He finds that you are fit for the job you seek. He asks you to wait for the appointment letter.

Now, Write a dialogue between you and your prospective employer.

Myself : May I come in, sir?

Employer : Yes, come in.

Myself : Good morning, sir.

Employer : Good morning. Take your seat.

Myself : Thank you, sir.

Employer : What’s your name?

Myself : Milton Khondoker.

Employer : Have you brought your original certificates?

Myself : Yes sir. here’s all.

Employer : Do you know how to operate a computer?

Myself : Yes sir, I have a certificate regarding it.

Employer : Okay, then you completed your Master Degree from Chittagong University.

Myself : Yes, sir.

Employer : Have you any experience in this line?

Myself : Yes, sir, I’ve a long standing experience in this line. I think you’ll find in me a hand expert in official correspondence.

Employer : That’s really good. Papers are all very much in your favour. I see. Youngman, then, I think you are fit for the job.

Myself : It’ll be so kind of you, sir.

Employer : It’s all right. I think you’ll do well here. So wait for the appointment letter.

Myself : Many, many thanks, sir.
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