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Dialogue about the football match

Imagine, you are Lablu. You have gone to witness a football match. The match is between Abahani and Mohammedan. Your friend Liton is with you. You are talking about the game. 

Now, write a dialogue between you and Liton about the football match.

Lablu : Don’t you think Liton, Abahani team will win? It’s really a very good team.

Liton : Right you are. But Mohammedan is giving a tough fight. Look here. the centre forward of the Mohammedan is taking a good move.

Lablu : Oh! it’s wonderful, but it’s tackled only by the goalie of the Abahani. The game’s reached on exciting stage!

Liton : Place kick is taken by the back of the Abahani. The ball is now in the territory of the Mohammedan; Kaiser Hamid, their left-back, has given a good pass to the right-wing.

Lablu : But the right-out fails and how miserable! Now look it’s chased by the Abahani’s centre-half.

Liton : The ball’s gone within the penalty box. How swiftly? How accurately?

Lablu : Aslam’s got it – he’s running with the ball and running so swiftly! The Mohammedan back’s outwitted!

Liton : Oh, my Kanon, the goalie has come out, shot at the goal – a goal.

Lablu : It’s I think, the decisive goal.

Liton : Here you are! Barely a minute left.

Lablu : But lucky we are. Match has been quite good, huge crowd.

Liton : An exciting finish. Let’s go.

Lablu : A nice time of it, Liton.

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