Job application for Sales Representative

You have been informed through the ‘Bangladesh Observer’, dated 10 April 2020 that a firm needs some Sales Representatives. They ask applications from the suitable candidates to P.O. Box No-5409. 

110 Green Road, Dhaka

12 April 2020

The Advertiser
P.O. Box No. 5409
Bangladesh Observer

Subject: Prayer for the post of a Sales Representative.

From your advertisement in the ‘Bangladesh Observer’ dated 10 April 2020, I have come to know about the above-mentioned post. Because of my background and interest in this job, I am applying for the post of a Sales Representative. 

The particulars of my candidature are given with attachment for your kind and sympathetic consideration. 

In the attached circumstances, I fervently pray and hope that you would be kind enough to consider my candidature and appoint me to the post. 

Yours faithfully
Abu Hanif Mia

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