Job application for Sales Manager

Musa Ahmed, General Manager of Singer Company, 10 Bailey Road, Dhaka has circulated in the ‘Daily Star’ that he needs a Sales Manager for the company.
Imagine, you are Nadia Kashem now working in Rangs Group as an Assistant Sales Manager. You desire to offer yourself as a candidate for the post.

Mr. Musa Ahmed
General Manager,
Singer Company
10 Baily Road, Dhaka

10 April 2020

Subject: Prayer for the post of a Sales Manager.

In response to your advertisement in the Daily Star of 05 April 2020, inviting application for the above-mentioned post. I am offering myself as a candidate. I would like to mention here that I am confident that I would be able to do the job sincerely. I want to mention here that I have obtained Masters Degree from the University of Dhaka. It is to be mentioned that I finished a diploma course in Public Relations, which is very much related to the above-mentioned post. Therefore, I hope your kind acceptance of my candidature might be a good opportunity for me to serve such a multinational renowned company.

Yours obediently,
Nadira Kashem

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