Application for telecasting more educative programmes

Write a letter to the Director-General of Bangladesh Television to telecast more programmes of educative value.

Imagine, you are a regular spectator of Bangladesh Television Programmes. You think that more programmes of educative value should be telecast from Bangladesh Television. 

22 January 2020

The Director-General
The Bangladesh Television

Subject: Prayer for telecasting more programmes of educative value.

Dear Sir,
It is for your kind information that we, the spectators of your TV programmes, wish to have more programmes on education which will be helpful to develop morality and increase mental strength. TV is powerful medium to telecast information and instructions to general masses. But in our country from cities to remotest corner, there is the lack of morality. There is also serious deterioration of human values in our society. As a result corruptions, violence, extortion, killing etc. have become rampant in the country. Govt. is very busy in tackling the situation at present. 

Our young generation is being misguided by the influence of satellite television. The young people have forgotten their moral values. For this reason, I request you to increase TV programmes on educational subjects. You are now telecasting sayings of the wise men of the old and it helps in moulding the characters of young generation. It is highly appreciating but this is not enough. I request you to kindly telecast more educational programmes. In this context, your interesting television programmes on education should be the training centre for expansion of knowledge. If TV programmes are based on education whose main aim is to impart moral teaching, the existing crisis in society will go. 

Sincerely yours,
Zahidul Haque
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