Letter to friend describing your visited place

Write a letter to your friend Khaled describing your recent visit to an interesting place/a place of historical interest.

Suppose, you are M. Kuddus of 8/3 Bailey Square, Dhaka. Recently you went to Delhi with your parents to attend the marriage ceremony to your uncle. You got a chance to visit the tomb of emperor Humayun, the father of Akbar the great. The surrounding graves were those of Dara, Murad and Aurangzeb.

8/3 Bailey Square, Ramna, Dhaka.
June 2, 2020

My dear Khaled,
I received your letter, but sorry to inform you that I could not respond in time. You might have known that I went to Delhi with my parents to attend the marriage ceremony of my uncle. So I got the chance to pay a visit to the tomb of emperor Humayun, the father of Akbar the great. After purchasing ticket we entered the vast premises which are on more than ten acres of land. The main platform of the Tajmahal. The Tajmahal is nothing but the replica of Humayun’s tomb. It is said that Shahjahan copied it and made the Taj with precious stones. In the middle of the high platform, we saw two graves side by side. One is Humayun’s grave and another is his wife. Hamida Banu’s grave. On the same platform, outside Humayun’s tomb, there are some graves in open space with epitaphs written in Arabic. The guide told us that those are the grave of Dara, Murad and Emperor Aurangzeb.

I stood there quietly in the afternoon just before sunset remembering the past history of the great Mughals. It took me back to the days of the Mughal emperors. It seemed to me as if the emperors were talking to me. With a heavy heart, I returned to my hotel.

No more today.

Best wishes
Sincerely yours,
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