Letter to friend advising to attend class regularly

Write a letter to Shamim advising him to attend his class regularly.

Suppose, you are Shaheen of 9/11 Bailey Square, Dhaka, You have a friend whose name is Shamim. He does not attend his classes regularly. So, he may develop the tendency to resort to copying. Besides, he may have to join the bad elements and turn to be a political worker. All this may spoil his career. You would like his to beware of this kind of things and attend to his studies. 

9/11 Bailey Square, Bailey Road, Ramna, Dhaka
2 January, 2020

My dear Shamim,
Take my cordial love at the very outset. You know the serious consequences of abstaining from classes day after day. You also know that those who are not attending classes regularly cannot follow the lectures and find no interest in studies. As such, they engage themselves in mass copying in the examination hall to pass the examination. One crime begets another and so they commit crime having been entangled with so many immoral activities in the society. Educational institution, you know, has become hotbeds of politics. If you join any student group backed by a political party, then the main spirit of student life would vanish from your life and you will then become a political worker. In that case, you shall be engaged in giving political slogans in the corridors of the institution while your classes are going on. A day will come when you will be joining a procession through the streets with other activists towards national parliament. In that case, you will be wounder by the lathi charge of the police and might also be arrested and taken into custody. That will be the end of your student life. 

So beware of it. Please avoid this sort of activities and attend classes regularly. If you attend classes regularly, bright future is waiting for you. Attending classes regularly means better result in the public examinations and with the help of that, you will build your bright career in future as one of the most important figures in the society. 

Yours sincerely


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