Letter to friend about lottery winning

Write a letter to your friend Hafiz describing what you intend to do if you win a lottery.

Suppose, you are Rouf of 16 Jatrabari, Dhaka. You have a friend named Hafiz. He has written an interesting letter to you. In that letter, he has wanted to know what you would like to do with the money if you win a lottery.

16 Jatrabari, Dhaka-1200
18 March 2020

My dear Hafiz,
I received your letter two days ago. I hope you are fine. I am also fine. I am sorry for making delay in replying your letter. In the letter, you wanted to know what I would do if I get a big amount of money in the lottery.

If I get forty lakh taka in a lottery, I will utilize the memory for the welfare of human beings. I shall establish a charitable dispensary. They're all poor people will be treated free. I shall employ some specialist doctors. There will be facility of free medicines as well. I will collect the helpless people of Dhaka city. They will be served properly until they can return to their normal life. I think if the rich people of our country would try to help the poor, the extreme poverty crisis could be solved.

No more today. Hoping your best luck.

Yours sincerely,

-------Same letter collected from another book-------

Imagine that you have won the first prize in a lottery draw.

Now, write a letter to your friend describing what you would like to do with the money.

16 Sadar Road, Barisal
27 May 2020

Dear Masud, 
How are you? I hope you are all fine by the grace of Allah. You know I have won the first prize in a lottery draw. Today, I am writing to you to let you know what I would like to do with the money. 

You know my friends are all pressing me to celebrate the victory. Thus, I have decided to give them a grand party in a Chinese restaurant. I would like to invite you all to celebrate the victory. Then, you know I have a great fascination with travelling. So, I would like to travel to some important places of the world. I would like to visit Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Besides, I wish to utilize the money I have got from the prize. I have decided to contribute one-fourth of the amount to various welfare organizations. You know there are many disabled people in society. I would like to help them establish in society. I would also step up a charitable clinic for the poof in my village. Finally, I would like to help my family with money. I would handover a lion share of the amount to my parents so that the condition of the family gets improved. 

My desires are many. I wish to fulfil them one after another. Pray to Allah that I can fulfil my desires. No more today. 

With best regards
Your friend
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