Letter to friend about a book read recently

Write a letter to your friend Kutub telling him about an enjoyable book you have read recently.

Suppose, you are Rafiq of 27 Newabpur Road, Dhaka. Your friend Showkat presented you with an excellent book on your last birthday. It is ‘The Hundred’. It depicts the life and work of one hundred great men in the world. You have read the book recently and found it enjoyable. 

27 Nababpur Road, Dhaka-1100
8 March 2020

My dear Kutub,
I am happy to receive your letter last week. I am sorry to make delay to reply to your letter. I was really very busy in reading a very big but interesting book. 

On my last birthday, my close friend Showkat presented me with an excellent book. It was ‘The Hundred’. It is written about the life and work of one hundred greatest men in the world. Reading the book, I came to know that all the great men acquired the top position by honesty, hard labour and humanity. Our prophet Hazrat Mohammad (sm) was the first personality in the book. Besides, Newton, Napoleon, Jesus Christ are also important personality in the book. I request you to read the book. I am sure that if you read the book, you will learn and enjoy a lot. 

No more today. I am waiting for your letter. 

Yours ever.


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