Letter for inviting in summer vacation

Write a letter to your friend K inviting him to spend the summer vacation with you.

Your friend K finds pleasure in spending his off-time visiting friends and relatives. This year the summer vacation of his college begins on the same date as yours. You desire that your friend K should come to your house during summer vacation and spend it in your midst. 

March 7, 2020

My dear ‘K’,
your letter of the 15th instant is just to hand. I am very glad to know that the summer vacation of your college will begin on the same date as ours. I am aware that you used to spend your off-time visiting friends and relatives. This time I earnestly request you to come to our house during summer vacation and spend it with us. 

If you come, you will be able to get a fair idea about our village life. You know, summer is the season of fruits. Our village is famous for various fruits, specially jack-fruits, blackberries etc. Coconut is available all the year-round. Our village stands on the river Bishkhali. So, the climate of our village is healthy. You can walk in the morning and evening by the riverside. Ours is mainly an agricultural village. Our fields are full of green vegetables and crops. You will find pleasure in swimming in our beautiful river. Moreover, you can spend your off-time in great pleasure with us. Please inform me of the time of your arrival. I shall wait for you at the launch ghat. All the members of our family will be very glad to see you here. 

With best regards to your parents and love to all. 

Sincerely yours
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