Application for stopping teasing

Write a letter to the police authority for taking measures against the culprits who tease the college-going girls.

Imagine, some young boys in your locality tease the girls on their way to and back from college. They utter objectionable words, threw at them flowers and pieces of paper writing proposal for marriage. Sometimes they spit at them, laugh at them, and stand on their way obstructing their movement. Acid terrorism and attack upon the girls may occur at time. 

2 February 2020

The Assistant Commissioner of Police
Galachipa Upazila, Patuakhali

Subject : Application for stopping teasing of the college-going girls.

Dear Sir,
It is for your kind information that some young boys and youths always tease the college-going girls on their way to college and back home. They utter very objectionable words against the girls. They throw pieces of paper and flowers at them on those pieces of paper, they write names of some girls proposing for marriage. These vagabonds sometimes spit at them and laugh at them and even stand on their way to college obstructing their movement. Acid terrorism may occur if the teasing youths do not get their desired response from the girls. 

The girls feel insecure. They are afraid that anytime these boys may assault them. Some girls have stopped going to college for fear of any mishap. 

Therefore, I request you to deploy police to patrol different points on the way to college and catch hold of the culprits red-handed. 

Yours faithfully,

M. A. Sohel
On behalf of the guardians.
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