Essay : Violence Against Women in Bangladesh

Violence Against Women in Bangladesh

Introduction : Over the last two decades, violence against women has become one of the most visible and articulated social issues in Bangladesh. Today, all the sections of the society are concerned about the issues and movements; agitations and legal reforms are being made against women's oppression. But the rate of improvement is not noticeable. It is resultant of a lot of reasons as negative socialization of our women, historical system of patriarchy, economic dependence of the women, acceptance of violence in the society and so on. Even the women themselves are also not able to realize the situation. They sometimes accept violence against them as usual. On the other hand, security agencies have become the breeding ground of violence. Police custody is considered to be more insecure place for a victim.

Major trends and issues : All these various forms of violence, mentioned above may take place in private and public arena, committed by family members of strangers. Major types of violence committed against women are as under :
  1. Family violence : Violence committed by family members within the family is the most serious and repugnant of all types of violence.
  2. Prostitution and trafficking in women : The problem of prostitution and trafficking in women seems to have increased tremendously in the last two decades. It is extremely difficult to assess the actual number of prostitutes currently in operation.
  3. Rape and sexual abuse : Rape is the most serious and frequently occurred form of violence against women. It is the direct violation of women’s right to bodily security. In our country, everyday a huge number of women and girls are being raped.
  4. Violence resulting from fatwa : The recent surfacing of violence related to issuance of fatwa by village Maulavis and implementation of the punishment given by the ‘religious decrees’ is in contradiction to the law of the land. Such incidents have threatened the security and rights of women, especially the rural poor women.
  5. Acid throwing : Acid throwing is another form of violence against women. Although laws have been made against such cruelty, the offenders are practicing very often in society.
Besides, there are some other forms of violence as mutilation, murder, torture or murder for dowry and so on.

Measures needed to combat violence against women : In spite of much agitation and protests and actions by government and non-government organizations, the evil persists and is aggravating. The obvious question is what is the need of hour to face up to the challenge. A few suggestions are made here : 
  1. National policy : There should be a national on all forms of violence against women.
  2. National anti-violence movement : Violence against women is a social evil and social action is probably the most effective shield against it. Social mobilization must, therefore, be attained to curb violence.
  3. Legal reforms : The patriarchal legal system needs to be salvaged from the traditional foundations of discriminatory norms about women.
  4. Extension of literacy programs : To make the women aware of their rights and responsibilities, they should be provided with proper education. They should be made able to fight superstition and oppression.
Conclusion : Integrated programs to accelerate the position of women in society is a must to combat violence against women.
They should, of course, be conscious of the existing rights for women, if they (women) are ignorant such laws for women, social violence will not decrease rather it will more deepen. So, govt. should inform their (women) right through media coverage and social institutions.
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