Essay : Public Security and Development

Public Security and Development

Introduction : Public security is one of the main needs of a nation. When individuals and society are faced with fair behavior; their characters and personalities are protected and respected, and their social rights are maintained, they fell peace and calmness in their hearts. Then, creativity and talents are flourished. Individuals then grow in the shadow of such safety and place. As a result, society will be dynamic. On the contrary, if individuals don’t feel safe concerning important issues of life such as work, income, reputation and social relations with society and government, they fell unrest and threatened. Any society needs security for its functions because new conditions in a country resulting from urbanization growth and faded social relations cause the reduction of social cohesion, civic participation, and collective social relations. These issues give rise to social problems and crime and social deviance at large. So there is an urgent need for public security. The continuity of public security aspects can guarantee the security of a country and ensure overall development. 

What Public Security is : Since security consists of different human modes, it is defined as the state of being free from danger or threat. Security is a mode being felt in peace and calmness. This calmness can mean that human’s abilities, facilities, and assets are not threatened. If development is considered within the security, an individual’s sense of value in society is also considered another aspect of security. Therefore, it is claimed that security needs to be sought in families, schools, government, and society. As soon as individual security is identified, people need to join various social groups or communities in order to establish security. This level of security is discussed as public security. Public security is a type and level of confidence where individuals play a key role in. Public security is the axis of balance between individual and society. In this mode, individuals can reach their objectives and success. As a result, society reaches excellence. Public security prepares the ground for individual’s and society’s growth and evolution. 

The Role played by Public Security in Development : Regions that are characterized by peace and minimal conflicts are regarded as having security. On the contrary, regions without place are referred to as being insecure because existent tensions often result in violence or war as a result of the inherent differences. Security also refers to how prepared a nation is to defend its citizens from threats that may be either internal or external. This often refers to how well the defense forces or police forces are equipped. In this context, insecurity is often characterized by high frequencies of terrorism attained to serve the interests of all its citizens. In many cases, this form of security can be breached by the existence of corruption among some government officials or the political elite. Ensuring all-round security might be challenging, but it facilitates the attainment of development goals that have been set to be achieved. 

Security is regarded as both a crucial aspect of and a precondition for development. In situations that are characterized by high insecurity levels, development becomes more difficult to attain. Instead, there are failures in economic growth with affected countries registering negative growth. Social cohesion and integration among communities are also adversely affected, and may further lead to other disasters like war, food shortages, and other humanitarian crises. 

Even in nations that are regarded as being comparatively peaceful, incidents of insecurity have a direct impact on their development. Any form of crime can be referred to as a security threat. These also include corruption and nepotism, which impose heavy burdens on taxpayers, adversely affecting the economic and political development of the nation. However, one of the issues that can be pointed out about the UNCTAD report is the fact that most of its data focus on developing countries. Even though it is apparent that developing countries are the most prone to crime and insecurity, it also affects developed nations. Development can also be hampered by the simple fact that there are inefficient security structures in place. Therefore, it is vital for governments to ensure that their security sectors are efficient because it is the only way in which development programs are likely to succeed. 

Government’s Steps for Public Security : Bangladesh law enforcing agency is working in the development and achievement of goalkeeping law and order. Moreover, Bangladesh police have opened a new unit for ensuring public security. The police forces have to ensure constraining the militancy. By constraining militancy and terrorism we can achieve our goal. The government has recently launched 999 emergency helpline to ensure public security. Police, RAB, fire services, and ambulance services are available for public security. For ensuring public services people are also encouraged by the government to play their respective role. 

Conclusion : Public security can guarantee and supply the security of social institutions. Security and its dimensions are phenomena which are in the center of people’s and social groups’ attention in social development between the status quo and desired condition. Lack of development is believed to be associated with insecurity. In the Holy Quran, the most important aspect of social security is to provide a healthy environment to worship God. Such an environment is free from insecurity and people are able to worship God and approach the main objective of creation. Public security is linked to society’s social identity continuity in varying condition. It requires worm and efficient relationship among members, making social tolerance, social cohesion, and finally dynamic social order.
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