Paragraph : Terrorism in the Campus

Terrorism in the Campus

Terrorism on the campuses of educational institutions is a serious national problem in Bangladesh. Education is the backbone of a nation. And an educational institution is a sacred place. But this sacred place has now become a victim of terrorism in our country. All the colleges and universities have become mini cantonments which are full of weapons and ammunition. The students, instead of pen, take a gun in their hands. Many innocent boys fall victim to terrorism and as a consequence, instead of gaining success, their lives are cut off. Students are strongly involved in politics nowadays. And one party cannot tolerate the other. There is no tolerance among them. This terrorism cannot be allowed to go on. The students should make up their mind for studies, not filthy politics. Students must take part in politics but this does not mean terrorism. The terrorism on the campus not only ruins the academic environment but also spoils the life of the students and takes away many valuable lives. But the students are not to be blamed because they are the puppets of god-fathers. These godfathers do harm to the innocent students, but keep away their own children from politics, even from the country. But this situation cannot be continued. Students should be conscious of their studies. They should keep themselves away from abominable politics. So the politicians, the government and, above all, the students themselves should take a good hand to root out terrorism in the campus.
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