Paragraph : Political Reform

Political Reform

Political reform is essential for Bangladesh because the condition of political stability in this country is not satisfactory. After the liberation of Bangladesh, unstable politics is continuing in Bangladesh. The military rule was imposed in Bangladesh for nine years. During that regime, the country was fully corrupted and the economic backbone of the country was destroyed and the government was treated as an autocratic government. The Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Awami League could not come into power at that time. The political unrest is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh which resulted from the selfishness of the political leaders, their greed of power, corruption, and lack of understanding with the opposition. In our country, no political party is free from falsehood and bluff. The government party misuses power. The opposition party takes an issue and calls hartal. When a party calls hartal, our economic system and industrial units suffer a great deal. It is a great loss for the nation. If we observe the developed countries then we will be able to understand that there is no alternative the political stability. In the existing political system, political stability is not possible. As a result, political reform is urgently needed for economic development. Without economic development political freedom is meaningless. So, the government, the opposition, and the common people should come forward to bring about political reform to make democracy free from corruption.
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