Paragraph : My Neighbours

My Neighbours

We do not have the freedom to choose our neighbours. Neighbours are neighbours whether we like them or not. This one’s neighbours may be good people. They may be very bad sorts as well. Our neighbours are very good people. We all live in amity, friendship, and harmony. Our neighbours co-operate with us in weal and woe. They follow the principle of mutual ‘give and take’. They have created in us a sense of security and confidence. We also make them feel that we would be available if and when the necessity arises. In fact, our neighbours are people on whom we can count for care, courage, and co-operation.

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Man is a social being. Man is by nature gregarious. He wishes to leave with companion. He can’t live alone. He lives at a particular place. Those people who live around my house are my neighbours. I have many many neighbours. They belong to different professions and callings. Some of them are service holders, some are traders, some are students and some re day-labourers. They also differ in their daily life, mode and standard of life. They are sociable, frank and well-behaved. But a few of them create din and bustle in our neighbourhood. They are disliked by me. My next-door neighbour is a young man who is thoroughly a care-free gentleman. Next lives an old man who is out and out a worldly man. Just by his side lives a mild-tempered gentleman. Therefore, there is a great variety in the nature of my neighbours. Neighbours add to our happiness in prosperity and lessen our sorrow in adversity. So it is our bounded responsibility to be friendly with our neighbours. Neighbours must be well treated and they should be assisted in times of need. Then we will have a good neighbourhood.
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