Paragraph : A Visit to an Industrial Fair

A Visit to an Industrial Fair

An industrial fair is an exhibition of industrial goods. It is held at a convenient time of the year and in our country generally in winter. Different firms and companies set up stalls in the fair and show their products to the people. When foreign companies participate in the fair, it is called an international fair. The participants decorate their stalls beautifully in keeping with their national culture and tradition to attract the buyers also throng the fair to buy quality goods. Often foreigners come to the fair. Thus it gives an opportunity to meet with different peoples. It is a pleasure to visit an industrial fair. One can see the latest goods produced by different companies. One can buy them or merely go window-shopping. But sometimes it is so crowded that it becomes difficult to walk about freely in the fair and buy things.

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On the last 25th January 2006 I visited an industrial fair. Its name was 'Chittagong International Trade Fair, 2006'. It was held at Chittagong Pologround Field and lasted from the 15th to the 30th January 2006. The fair premises were highly decorated and lighted gorgeously on the occasion of the fair. In the fair stalls were arranged in rows in a planned way. It was about 3p.m. when I entered the fair. There were hundreds of stalls displaying and selling industrial goods such as cloth, readymade garments, jewellery, stationery items, ornaments, building materials, sweetmeats, bakery items, paints, leather goods, computers, electronic goods and so on. Most of the participating companies as well. They were from countries like the U.S.A, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, South Korea and Myanmar. Some service industries also participated in the fair. Their services included university education, overseas education, vocational training, internet service, mobile phone service, management consultancy, medical service, housing etc. I visited most of the stalls and bought some electronic goods. I spent about five hours at the industrial fair. It was about 8 p.m. when I came out of the fair.
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