Paragraph : Experience is The Best Teacher

Experience is The Best Teacher

We learn from two distinct methods - the method of gaining knowledge be doing something on our own and the method of receiving instructions from others. The knowledge acquired by the first method is much more lasting than the same gained through instructions. For learning through instructions we are to strain our nerves and brains to remember and recapitulate the lessons. But the lessons learnt through self-experience are more easily grasped. They are imprinted in our mental plate. We can easily fall back upon it as and when necessary. By this method, we4 can store our lesson. The knowledge gained through experience is thorough, accurate and complete. Self-experience cannot be substituted by any amount of classroom demonstrations or lectures by the best teachers. The first hand and intimate knowledge of any subject can be acquired only if the students involve themselves in the entire process of a particular job. Thus is tightly said that experience is the best teacher.
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