Essay : Open Air Culture

Open Air Culture

Introduction : Present day culture is an open-air culture that is also called dish culture. Dish culture grips our lifespan and we are surrounded by the environment of displays of satellite channels. Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Durdarshan, CNN, BBC, Star Plus, Star Movies, Star Sports. ATN SONY, V-channel, MTV. etc. are always in the air and entering into our minds. This open-air dish culture seeks to enliven our health and nourishment of mind. Again, our minds are poisoned with unhealthy Clements generating distortion. Having the merits and demerits of dish antenna we hardly detach ourselves from seeing it or its impact. In fact, dish culture is inseparably related to our life.

What is dish antenna : The word ‘dish’ means disc or bowl. A dish shape instrument is set up on the roof of the building. The shape of a dish antenna is designed in similarity with the satellite in action. Commercial organizations are rendering satellite connection services on hire and people are enjoying various programs at minimum monthly cost.

Dish antenna and Bangladesh: Introduction of dish antenna in Bangladesh was in force just more than a decade ago. Once this miraculous instrument was very costly in Bangladesh. Now it is within means of middle class people. And people of urban and rural areas are having the taste of satellite culture with the help of dish antenna.

Application of dish antenna : In this age of mechanization recreation, studies are being availed among with the international world. Dish antenna has become the modern media of mobilizing those facilities. Now, dish antenna is the means of enjoying, learning, literature, culture, amusement, games and sports etc. In the present civilized world, man is not solely separated in a state. Individual society, state are now parts of the globalized world. So, man is to be imbued up with the international spirit. To universalize this spirit these are no option but dish. With the concerted efforts of private channels our native spirit and cultural trends are brought under control. Dish channels not only broadcast recreational programs but also play the role of fostering merit and intellect. Dish channels also bear the stamp of progress in merit and intellect in the developed countries. A good many educative programs are telecast regularly and our native learners are becoming knowledgeable from these channels. In fact, dish channels are the media of viewing and realizing international activities, cultural shows and so on.

Merits : Following are the contributory aspects that will breed effective results to us:
  1. We can have a very up-to-date idea about the latest development by means of information technology around the world.
  2. Global culture is a very popular slogan now. It becomes the demand of the present time to be acquainted with the international communities, races and cultures. Dish has a very pragmatic role in this regard.
  3. News of different dish channels regarding world politics, economy, commerce can be made available to us instantly.
  4. Each and every country is gradually getting enlivened with internationalism. As a result concept of globalization is a pioneering message to all of us.
  5. Dish antenna serves as a source of learning global culture, religious patterns of different nations and varied ways of life beyond our territory.
Demerits : Everything has its positive action and negative reaction. Dish culture has its demerits too. A number of satellite channels are like a monstrous grip because of amoral and libidinal displays. Naked films, dance shows, and music shows are on the air and accessible to the soft-hearted youths through dish antenna. Most of the times TV ads are displayed in distorted forms. At dead of night, some channels telecast some programs like blue-films, naked model shows acts. Amoral displays are more eye-catching than instructive programs to the teenagers. Young generations are misguided by these programs. Alien cultures are intruding into our native cultures and native cultures may be endangered by them. Shamelessness, nakedness is noticed among the boys and girls nowadays and, needless to say, this is the result of prevailing infectious dish culture.
Our religious values are declining under the impact of open-air culture. Drug addiction, terrorism, violence, family detachment, indifference to moral education, sexual perversion, rape, killing, trafficking, dacoity are the results of thrilling, ludicrous and panicky displays of dish channels. As the dish channels are on during 24 hours a day, children, adolescent, youth are becoming addicted viewers and feeling reluctant to pursue their learning and studies.

Conclusion : Dish antenna is the gift of ultra-modern technology. We may switch over to the international world and realize the global culture with the help of dish antenna. We should discard the demerits of dish culture and utilize its merits for our recreation and welfare in our individual and national life.
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