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Paragraph Group - 4

Paragraph - 16

Importance of Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary is a good habit. A diary is not a simple thing. Rather it is brief a life story. Whenever we read a diary written many years ago, a complete picture of what contemporary society reflects in our eyes. That’s why we should not write in a diary carelessly. He should mention date and time whenever he starts writing. In our day to day life, we experience many important events. We can write these events in our diary. Again, we can write in our diary whatever we feel, whatever we think, and whatever we experience in our crucial times. Every human being has his own likings and disliking. Again, a creative brain is a source of many good ideas. So, we can write better ideas in our diaries. Moreover, we can write some other important things like habits, hobbies, etc in our diaries. we should be sincere so that the diary cannot be lost.

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Keeping a diary is a very good habit. A diary is a daily record of what one does or thinks. To keep a diary is training of methodical living. Writing a diary is a very interesting job. The most suitable time for that is when we are about to retire to bed. A diary is of great use to all classes of people. It helps a student to make a periodical survey of the work he has done. The diary is a valuable reference book of life. Whenever our memory gets dim or uncertain we can resolve our doubts by turning to its pages. It is a silent witness of our past and corrects us when we happen to be wrong. A diary makes interesting and instructive reading for ourselves and others. It enables us to look back. We also can review the past with the sober eye of experience and draw lessons for the future. A diary is an interesting family record and it will be treasured by everybody. If a diary is tainted with too much of self, it becomes a failure. As in an autobiography, so in a diary, there should be an attitude of detachment. If the writer makes himself his own hero, the diary loses much of its value and attraction.

Paragraph - 17

Leisure Time

To enjoy one’s time with profound relaxation without having any official strictness is called leisure. It is very dear to the people who are engaged in the daily hurdles of life. In villages, life seems so simple. The villagers spend their time in the tea-stalls gossiping with others. The women also share the feelings of others so frankly. But in cities, both men and women enjoy the leisures mostly in their room sitting in front of the TV set. The women talk on the phone frequently. Sometimes they entertain their friends and relatives around them. People both in villages and cities enjoy the natural sites which refresh their anxiety and fatigues. Men and women enjoy the superb nature of late winter. They travel from one place to another. The flowers are bloomed everywhere. It turns nature into a great look. The sky remains clear. Everywhere there remains a flow of enjoyment. Along with my friends, I go out for a suitable spot. We there enjoy the day very much. It relieves our frustration. So, as per my evaluation, leisures open the door of great enjoyment.

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Leisure means free moments in one’s life. There is nobody in the world who doesn’t like leisure. It is the time when one is free from work or other duties. In my free moments, I often read books of stories, poems, magazines, etc. Sometimes, I enjoy watching television and listening to radio. I also work in my garden and of course, give a company to my parents. Reading books is my long-practised habit. In my free moments, I not only read books on stories and poems but also newspapers and magazines. Recently, I have developed a great fascination with science fiction. I enjoy reading these usually in the late morning. If I have any leisure in the evening, I don’t miss watching television. I enjoy especially the National Geography Channel, Discovery Channel, Magazine programmes, Documentary programmes, various film show and Drama serials. These programmes not only entertain us but also broaden our mind and intellect. Every day I listen to BBC and VOA. Thus, I get a cope with the current world. I also spend much for leisure in gardening. In the afternoon, I make the soil loose, weed out grass and water the flower plants in my garden. It keeps me cheerful and happy. I think passing leisure in gardening fulfils my spiritual needs. In the short span of life, I hardly have any leisure to spare. For good reason, I try to utilize this whenever I have any.

Paragraph - 18

Environment Pollution

The environment refers to the air, water, and land in which people, animals, and plants live. All things that make up the environment are interrelated. There prevails harmony among these elements of the environment. But if this harmony is broken, the environment gets polluted. This pollution can occur in many ways. Among various pollutions, air pollution, water pollution, and sound pollution are responsible for our environmental pollution to a large extent. But these pollutions can be controlled. For this reason, mass awareness is to be created. Besides, various laws in this regard are to be applied strictly. If we can do this, we shall be able to ensure a sound environment. But for want of a sound environment man suffer from various diseases. A polluted environment curtails the longevity of human beings on earth. So, a sound environment is a precondition to a healthy life. Hence, to make the world worthy of living, we have to control all kinds of pollution.

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Human beings, animals, plants, air, water, and soil are the main elements of the environment. So, environmental pollution takes place when all these leading elements of the environment are polluted. For example, man makes fire to cook food, make bricks, melt tar for road construction, and to do many other things. Thus fires create smoke which pollutes the air. Besides this, different engines and powerhouses create smoke by burning coal and oil. Air pollution from factories, burning trash, and vehicle fumes cause pneumonia, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. Another pollution of the environment is sound pollution. It happens when the sound such as the sound of hydraulic horns and microphone goes beyond the audible capacity of human beings. Sound pollution also has bad effects on us. It causes giddiness, hypertension, deafness etc. Like air and sound, water is also polluted in different ways. When a man throws waste into water and uses chemical fertilizers, insecticides in the fields, water is polluted. Water pollution causes poisoning and various water-borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.

Paragraph - 19


Trees are a great friend of mankind. If there is no tree in the world, there will be no man on earth. They are the most useful and beautiful gifts of nature. They give us oxygen without which no man or animal can survive. They give us food and wood. They help in maintaining ecological balance. People are now cutting down trees on a large scale. This is causing deforestation and which seriously harms our environment. It is breaking the ecological balance which is causing environmental disasters. To prevent this, we have to create mass-consciousness among the people. We have to make the people assimilated the dire consequences of deforestation. We also have to let them know the good results of forestation. The media can play a great role in doing this. We have to stop deforestation anyhow otherwise we all will have perished. If there are no trees, the chain of order in nature will break down. No man can survive in a treeless world.

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A large area of land that abounds with trees, bushes etc. is called forest and deforestation means cutting down trees in large numbers. Trees are useful to us in various ways: they provide us with wood and other products, they give us shade and they help to prevent drought and floods. But the third of these services of trees is the most important. To draw quick profit from trees, men cut them down in large numbers. Trees are destroyed mostly for being used as firewood. This destruction disturbs our ecological balance. It leads to soil erosion and deprives us of fruit and timber and causes economic loss. So, we have to realize the bad effects of deforestation. In fact, if deforestation goes on our country will be changed into a desert. So, we have to educate our common people and to persuade them to abstain from cutting down trees, otherwise, the forests of our country will slowly disappear and we should be in great miseries.

Same paragraph collected from another book

Deforestation means cutting down or destroying trees at random. Deforestation takes place as a result of population problem, excessive pressure on land and our callousness. Population is increasing at a high rate. These additional people need more land or settlement and cultivation. Besides, some dishonest officers of forestry department are also responsible for decreasing the percentage of trees and forests. The most serious deforestation is found in tropical countries and in the countries of the third world. However, the after-effects of deforestation are catastrophic in quality and many in number. Trees keep the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When trees are cut down callously, the amount of carbon dioxide increases. This causes global warming. As a result, the sea-level rises and it causes floods and other natural calamities. Moreover, wildlife is terribly affected. It disturbs the ecological balance. We should be conscious of the harmful effects of cutting trees. We should be conscious of the harmful effects of cutting trees. We should plant trees on both sides of roads and highways, and on wasteland to prevent deforestation.

Paragraph - 20

Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is the process by which the air surrounding the earth is becoming warmer day by day. In other words, it is the gradual warming of the air which ultimately results in the gradual increase in world temperature. It is a horrible consequence of different types of environmental pollution. It causes the rise of temperatures which can bring about different kinds of natural disasters. These are many causes of the greenhouse effect. The burning down of green tropical forests, the increasing development of industry, the use of CFCs in different commercial products, the use of detergents- all are the causes of the greenhouse effect. It can greatly damage men’s ability to produce food, can destroy wildlife. For it, sea level can rise and flood the coastal area and farmlands. In order to protect ourselves from its catastrophic impact, we should take some effective measures. We should plant more trees and should not use CFCs and other poisonous chemicals indiscriminately.

Same paragraph collected from another book

Science and technology have given us everything but they have destroyed our feelings as a great human being. Those countries which are not in a position to get sunlight in a normal way are habituated to making green house. This green house has a tremendous effect on the earth and the environment. Green house effect signifies gradual waning of the earth’s atmosphere. It is thought to be caused by increased carbon-di-oxide in the air. The scientists are very much concerned about this natural phenomenon. Scientists are now taking steps to isolate and destroy radioactive elements which are a real danger to mankind. Sensing danger, the United Nations Environmental Day has to evolve fruitful possibilities of international collaboration for this global problem. Seminars are being regularly held all over the world to appraise the people of the impending danger to mankind. Not only other countries of the world but also Bangladesh are victims of this greenhouse effect. There is an alarming news for Bangladesh that the lower southern part of the country may one day go underwater.

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