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Paragraph : Importance of Keeping a Diary

Importance of Keeping a Diary

Keeping a diary is a good habit. A diary is not a simple thing. Rather it is brief a life story. Whenever we read a diary written many years ago, a complete picture of what contemporary society reflects in our eyes. That’s why we should not write in a diary carelessly. He should mention date and time whenever he starts writing. In our day to day life, we experience many important events. We can write these events in our diary. Again, we can write in our diary whatever we feel, whatever we think, and whatever we experience in our crucial times. Every human being has his own likings and disliking. Again, a creative brain is a source of many good ideas. So, we can write better ideas in our diaries. Moreover, we can write some other important things like habits, hobbies, etc in our diaries. we should be sincere so that the diary cannot be lost.

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Keeping a diary is a very good habit. A diary is a daily record of what one does or thinks. To keep a diary is training of methodical living. Writing a diary is a very interesting job. The most suitable time for that is when we are about to retire to bed. A diary is of great use to all classes of people. It helps a student to make a periodical survey of the work he has done. The diary is a valuable reference book of life. Whenever our memory gets dim or uncertain we can resolve our doubts by turning to its pages. It is a silent witness of our past and corrects us when we happen to be wrong. A diary makes interesting and instructive reading for ourselves and others. It enables us to look back. We also can review the past with the sober eye of experience and draw lessons for the future. A diary is an interesting family record and it will be treasured by everybody. If a diary is tainted with too much of self, it becomes a failure. As in an autobiography, so in a diary, there should be an attitude of detachment. If the writer makes himself his own hero, the diary loses much of its value and attraction.


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